MCA Oral Exams Update

The MCA has further advised us that Seafarers who have had yacht Oral Exams cancelled at Marine Offices will be contacted to re-arrange their exam. Engineering Oral Exams are currently underway and Deck Exams should start early June. Candidates must not contact Marine Offices.

The MCA will contact the overseas Training Providers over the next week to advise them of when they could potentially offer online Oral Exams for those candidates that hold an NOE and have had their Oral Exam cancelled due to the lockdown. However, if any yacht candidate has a job opportunity and they have completed all other requirements for the CoC, then they may be able to expedite the application.

Candidates should ask their employer to email a request to [ or] confirming the job offer and the date they are required onboard.

They will not accept any new oral exam bookings until they have cleared the backlog. Therefore, they ask candidates to wait patiently while they deal with those who were initially denied an oral exam due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

They plan to publish a MIN within the next 7 days to provide further guidance on this online process (they will include guidance for yachts candidates). The MIN will also provide timelines for the future booking of exams; for those who hold Notice of Eligibilities (NOEs), those who have applied for NOEs, and those who are about to apply.