UK quarantine exemption supporting letter

The UK government recently announced on 8 June, 2020, that seafarers, including yacht crew, are now exempt from the mandatory 14-day quarantine when entering the UK.

In order to support the smooth entry of crew at the UK border, we have drafted a special guidance letter which supports their exemption from the 14-day quarantine. This letter should be signed by your Captain or Management Company and used alongside evidence of employment, such as:

  • A Seafarer’s Identification Document (SID)
  • Joining papers
  • Seafarer’s Employment Agreement (SEA)
  • Seafarer’s discharge book
  • Basic training certificate

In addition, a new passenger locator form was released by the UK Government, so we advise all crew to familiarise themselves with this form before entering the UK.

To read the full details, visit the UK Government website.