How to become a PYA accredited Training Provider

As a training provider, it you receive PYA accreditation, it shows to crew and the rest of the industry that you have met the high standards required by our Continuing Professional Development workgroup. The process is very thorough and only training providers who fulfil all requirements will pass. PYA accredited training providers are permitted to use a logo to show this accolade.

As with any accrediting body, there are processes and procedures to follow. The PYA accredits Training Providers based on a number of factors, as laid out in the Training Providers Agreement.

Download the PYA Training Providers Agreement

Download the GUEST PROGRAM Training Providers Agreement

This agreement states the conditions of recognition in the form of Terms and Conditions regarding the collaboration between the PYA and the Training Provider. 
The Terms and Conditions clearly state the processes and procedures that PYA require for the initial audit and on-going maintenance of standards under the PYA or PYA GUEST Accreditation banner. This process is as follows:


The training provider should review the latest PYA Trainers Agreement, with Terms and Conditions of recognition and requirements to ensure that the establishment, trainers and course content is likely to meet the criteria described.

Application form

The application form is completed; enclosing the required supporting documentation, course material and trainer selections and sent to the PYA main office, addressed to the CPD Officer.

Application review

The application will be reviewed by the PYA CPD workgroup and if successful the applicant will be contacted and invited to arrange a date for an accreditation visit. If unsuccessful, the reasons for the rejection of the application will be explained.

Accreditation visit

An accreditation site visit will be arranged. A representative of the PYA will visit the premises of the training provider to verify that required materials, equipment and personnel are in accordance with the course descriptions. After the visit the representative will send a report to the PYA CPD department for review.


Final review

The PYA CPD Officer will review the report from the accreditation visit and determine if a certificate of accreditation can be issued. If successful the training provider will be placed on the register of approved centres and a certificate of accreditation will be prepared. If unsuccessful the training provider will be contacted and the reasons explained.


Accreditation confirmed

When contacted by the PYA main office and in receipt of the PYA Certificate of Accreditation the training provider may advertise and run the course provided that these PYA Conditions of Accreditation are adhered to at all times. Accreditation will run for three calendar years from the date on the accreditation certificate.