Guidance and Templates for Sea Service Verification

Download the relevant sea service template to submit to us for verification.

IMPORTANT - Please read this before completing your testimonial

  1. The process of verification will be at best delayed, at worst unsuccessful in the following cases:
  2. If the testimonial form used does not contain the necessary information, i.e... signatory's contact details are missing or illegible, there is no breakdown of service time (days at sea, standby, shipyard and watch keeping, where applicable)
  3. If the testimonial form has missing dates or dates overlapping with another testimonial submitted.
  4. If the definitions of sea service have been disregarded, i.e... standby time exceeds days at sea, sea service totals are higher than employment period etc.
  5. If the testimonial is self-signed it will be rejected.


Verification processing time

Please take into account that testimonials for periods dating back several years are generally more difficult to verify and need more time. Turnaround time varies with our workload and the quality of the testimonial submitted. It is advisable that you do not leave the verification of your testimonials to the last minute, but rather ask your captain or responsible person to sign them as soon as possible so they can be verified while still 'fresh'.

Please refer to the relevant guidance note before completing your testimonials.

PYA Guidance Notes for correctly completing testimonials

Deck Testimonial - Sea Service Testimonial for Master or Deck Officers

Engineering Testimonial for Y4, Y3, Y2, Y1 & Small Vessel Route

Dual role Testimonial - Sea Service Testimonial for crew signed on as deck / engineer

Interior crew Testimonial - Sea Service Testimonial for Interior and guest service

Chef Testimonial - Sea Service Testimonial for chefs and cooks

Yacht Rating Testimonial - Sea Service Testimonial for Yacht Rating Certificate Application